Last updated: 4-21-2021

Archaeological Map

Map Link

Visual map of links

Place links within a self created space for different topics and or moods. 

Consumer, Productivity

Walking the Dog

Trip Planner

Realtime map planner

Create a visual overview of where you are going and doing for the day. Between locations view weather, updates, local vibes, popular places, and share your day  trip with others.

Social, Consumer


Community Garden

Local garden social

For cities with their own community gardens, members can view who their neighbors are and socialize within their garden community.

Social, Community

Video Camera

Mini Escapes

Subscription video app

View short video escapes created with high quality. Videos can be for relaxing, inspiration, entertainment.

Consumer, Community


Ghost Filter

Ghost camera

Take a photo and see a ghost!

Fun, Entertainment

Colorful Friends

LGBTQ+ movies

LGBTQ recommendations

Find movies and tv shows recommended by the LGBTQ+ community. Create discussions and or find movies by tags. 

Social, Community

Receiving a parcel

Compare any two things

Search and compare

Create pairings to view how they currently compare with materials, cost, outcomes, etc. 

E-commerce, Consumer


Dead simple news

Single news feed

Simple one line headlines for busy folks on the go. 


Computer Tutorials


Take home platform

Find candidates with custom take home challenges for specific developer roles and pay them for their time on the platform.

Developer, Recruitment 

Word Collage

One sentence to rule them all

All headlines

Pay to have a single sentence on the front page of a website. Forever.



AI skillset

Personalized skills

Receive personalized suggestions for building your skills in tech.


Brazilian BBQ

Explore custom marinades


Discover and share recipes for dry rubs, marinades, and sauces.

Consumer, Community

Man Trying App

Note taking

Single personal feed

A chronological feed for your notes, links, images, etc.


Man at Desk

Developer Visual Notebook

Technical notes + designs

An app for developers to attach technical notes to parts of an uploaded design. For example, you can upload a home screen with a table of images. Then I can highlight the table and attach notes such as, UITableView with Pexels API. 



Crypto for thoughts

Crypto Feedback

Receive cryptocurrency when you share feedback, provide reviews, share requests, or bugs. 


Fantasy Horse

Mobile game 

Trading card game

Multi-dimensional trading card world game. Create a character that can trade cards within each dimension. 

Gaming, Social

Emoji Tape

Explain something with emojis


Ask a question and get an answer in emojis.

Fun, Social, Entertainment

Plant Delivery_1

Small business deliveries

Micro delivery map

App for small businesses to create and manage daily routes. 


Travel Blogs

UI element finder

App UI controls list

Search and view types of UI controls that an app uses. 


Sunrise over Mountains

24hr to do list


A single day feed that displays your to dos with gradient colors of sunrise to sunset.

Consumer, Productivity

Digital Desk

Apple frameworks

Quick finds

Quickly discover apple frameworks and tools for your app project.


Middle Eastern Food

Photo for foodies

Color food palette

Take a photo of food and generate a color palette. 


City Skyline

Only in California

Happenings in CA

Real time map of current natural events such as earthquakes, fires, oddities.


Price List

Get started

Starting with lists

View lists of what you need to get started on any topic or interest.

Consumer, Productivity

Stacking Pieces

Start with a stack

Tech stack generator

Generate tech stack for a code or no code route based off your idea.

Developer, AI

Lines Of Code

Devisual Coding Platform

Audio visual code review

Attach audio, video, or text notes to any line of code that gets uploaded and shared.

Developer, Social

Analysing data

Stats and Share

Take stats and share

Track personal stats and turn them into visual data to share or keep private. Can manually enter in data or access various APIs to access that data. 

 Consumer, Community

Senior Man Working from Home

Yelp for at home businesses

Business finder

Find local and small businesses who have no physical location. Can either claim that they work out of that city or pay to temporarily advertise their business at selected city.

Consumer, Business

Powerful Computer


PH for developers

A product hunt app for developers to share their projects with details such as stack, language, frameworks, etc.

Developer, Community

A young woman talking on the radio

Clubhouse for live video

Face chat

Video chat app where you watch two people have a live conversation regarding a topic of their choice. Public video chat platform.

Social, Community


Elder Plant

CBD recommended 

Find, share, and recommend cannabis products for adults over 65+.

Cannabis, Health

city buildings

Keep an eye on any company

Company Tracker

An app that provides organized data on trending companies. Follow companies you're interested in and stay up to date with any relevant news.


Open Road

Future features and tasks

AI roadmap

Generate a technical roadmap based off your current projects tasks, features, etc.


Friends Exercising Together

I am going to ...

Single statements

Create a single statement such as a goal and share updates. 

Consumer, Productivity

Guided Meditation

Quick reads from experience

Guide app

Create, share, and view small guides on any topic.

Consumer, Productivity

Academic Library

Quick model creation

Database builder

Input a word such as user and automatically view a suggested model for your database. 

Developer, AI

Graphic Shapes

Making and displaying progress

Progress bar

Create a goal and view your progress with a custom progress bar. Share, view, and discover other's goals. 

Community, Productivity